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Focus on kiln diagnostic measurement, kiln maintenance, thermal diagnosis, energy saving and environmental protection,etc

Technical Services

Rotary kiln hot kiln core detection
Rotary kiln thermal adjustment kiln
Rotary kiln tug wheel belt grinding
Cement Plant Kiln System Diagnosis

Production System

Floating self-lubricating improved backing plate

Equipment Supplies

Special solid lubricant for tires
Rare earth energy-saving admixture for cement kiln

Construction Site

Carry out thermal inspection and diagnosis for the cement production system, mainly carry out the overall detailed inspection of the cement kiln, and organize the inspection and investigation results and treatment plan into a formal report and submit it to the customer’s factory

Rotary kiln hot kiln core detection

The detection of the hot kiln core of the rotary kiln is to grasp the dynamic changes of the hot kiln core of the rotary kiln during operation.

Rotary kiln tire/tug measurement

According to the measurement results, it is possible to timely maintain and adjust the tires, supporting wheels and related equipment of each fulcrum of the rotary kiln, and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of the overall equipment operation status of the rotary kiln.

On-line thermal grinding of rotary kiln tires/tugboats

Our company is the first professional technical institution of online grinding in China. This technology uses a rotating grindstone to directly perform high-speed grinding on the running tire belt and support roller, and then restore the correct radian.


Rotary Kiln Field Measurement/Grinding


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